This Was a Phishing Test


If you are seeing this screen, that means you did not pass the company-wide phishing test. If this campaign was run by a real attacker, you could have put yourself or the company at risk.

Please reach out to to reset your password.

Detecting Phishing

Remember to be on the lookout for suspicious indicators like:

  1. The sender email address, not just the name of the sender.
  2. The banner at the top of an email stating that it is “from outside the organization”.
  3. Suspicious requests that ask you to click links, download files, or forward the email to others.

Just because an email has one of these indicators, it does not mean it is a phish. For example, business-related discussions may occur with people outside the organization. You should be able to use your best judgement when determining if an email is suspicious.

We have implemented many cyber defense mechanisms, but if an attacker gains access to your account, extra measures are required to kick them out for good. The best defense is to not let them in at all.