Why Cyburity?

Cyburity is a rapidly growing cyber security and computer technology company and we would love to have the right person help us reach new heights. You will get the chance to learn and work with cutting-edge technologies allowing you to fill your resume with useful skills. Our company boasts more agility than a big corporation, allowing us to tackle new and innovative projects. You will appreciate our team chemistry and being a larger part of decision making, as our work team feels like an extended family. If you work at a big company, chances are that all of your hard work is going to be ignored by the boss or someone else is going to snag the credit. But at a startup, it’s nearly impossible not to notice a job well done or to give credit where credit is due.

Computer IT Support Technician

We are seeking a Computer IT Support Technician to join our team! Thsi postiion involves deploying secure network infrastructure to new customers as well as supporting and troubleshooting issues for existing customers.

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Software Developer

We are seeking skilled programmers to develop awesome cyber security tools. We have on-going projects both in-house and for customers utilizing languages such as Python, Powershell, C#, Java and C/C++

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